There are four series of lectures which are designed to appeal to a general audience.

The Palace of Varieties is designed for parties,social events and hotel evening entertainment.

The History of Cartoons

This explores the development and influence of cartoons throughout the ages (See the History of Cartoons page). 

 Art Nouveau: Its Roots, Development and Impact  

These lectures cover the emergence, establishment and the legacies of this most beautiful of art styles.  (See the Art Nouveau page for details).

 Art, Beauty and Design

A series looking at the development and relationship between beauty, art and design.  (See the Art, Beauty and Design page for details).

A Miscellany

Lectures on different topics. (Please go to the Miscellany page for more details)

 All these lectures are 45 minutes long.

The Palace of Varieties

These are "shows" recreating Variety theatre entertainment featuring video clips and anecdotes of performers from 1900 to the present day.  They are purely for entertainment, ideal for holiday hotel evenings, parties, social groups and general entertainment (Please go to the Palace of Varieties page for more detail).


Some organisations require a more "academic" lecture and/or an educational course.  These needs are catered for as follows:

Educational Lectures

The following are offered as individual lectures, each lasting 60 minutes:

                                *Art Nouveau

                               * Art and the History of the Cartoon

Educational Courses

The following are offered as a course of lectures:

                               * Art Nouveau

                                * History of Cartoons

                                * Art, Beauty and Design

These are usually run as a course over several weeks with two lectures in each session.  The specific details may be arranged to suit requirements.


Ian is an award winning lecturer and retired Professor with over 30 years experience of delivering informative and entertaining lectures/talks.  He delivers lectures to social, professional and educational organisations.  Audience sizes have ranged from 15 people in a village hall to 1,400 people in a theatre.   He is an accredited lecturer for cruise ships. He has also delivered several lectures to National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.


All lectures are in digital images (PowerPoint).  Some lectures have video and/or audio content.  

Please contact Ian to discuss your requirements.  You can use the Contact Page or contact directly:

        * E-mail:

        * Tel: 00 44 (0) 7940 526315

To see a ten minute clip of Ian lecturing to an audience of 450 people, please click here