These shows aim to recreate the Variety Theatre tradition which has been, for so long, a staple of British entertainment.  All three contain many video clips which are interspersed with some amusing theatrical anecdotes.  These clips range from a Music Hall artist filmed in 1900 to acts from the present day.


The shows are purely for fun (i.e. not formal lectures) with a mixture of video clips featuring comedy, singing, magic, juggling, and novelty acts etc.   They are are ideal entertainment for holiday hotel evenings parties and special occasions that would be enhanced by some fun.  There is no bad language  but there is some good old fashioned bawdy humour in some acts.   The shows are as follows:



There are two 45 minute shows which I have called First House and Second House.  They are offered in two versions:


* Either can be used as a single show.

* As two shows with an interval.